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About the artist & contact information

Erin Bushnell is an illustrator, designer, and accidental comic artist based in Richmond, VA, USA.
He holds a BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. Select clients include Richmond Magazine, NPR, and The Calgary Herald.

He loves exploring color theory and design, learning about social issues, cooking and eating good food, and drawing weird animals, warm places, fluffy hair, and goofy faces. When he isn't working, he's obsessing over home improvement projects, helping his husband in the garden, losing at video games, or laughing at something on the internet.

Erin contributed to the Richmond Young Writers Picture Book Project in 2022, illustrating Emani Edwards' "Good Enough". You can purchase it and other RYW books HERE.

Erin's on Twitter @monstercoached and occasionally sells things on Gumroad.
You can email him at