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Design case studies

Surprise – neither Peskycide nor Charming Catering are real brands! Both were created for development of this portfolio. Check out my process work and rationale for each brand’s development below.


Case study - Charming Catering

With Charming Catering I wanted to showcase design aimed at a fairly specific audience, and choose looks that were as decorative as it they were practical. I decided on a charcuterie board catering service. This would be something luxurious, aimed at higher-income customers who wanted to have really cool party fare, without the fuss of painstakingly arranging the boards themselves. Some notes I made for myself about the “vibe” of this brand:

> When do people use this product/service? Parties, weddings, maybe corporate events. > Should be scaleable for small gatherings or big events. > Elegant and luxurious feel, without being over-the-top. Boards are artsy; quality over quantity. Remember this is a “want” brand more than a “need” brand. > Does this brand lean hip-and-funky-accessible fancy, or traditional-and-restrained-limited-access fancy? Moreso traditional, but with just a little youthfulness infused to make it feel fresh.

Case study - Peskycide

Peskycide is a totally different brand than Charming Catering. To contrast with an exclusive luxury service, I wanted something that could showcase more practical, low-key design. This brand wants to capture two markets: People who want a tried-and-true, unfussy product and steer clear of overly-hip brands, and people who prioritize for organic, child-and-pet-safe products. I wanted this brand’s look to feel “fresh” without looking too “new” – it needed to look established and reputable, not too whimsical.

I looked closely at Dave’s Killer Bread and Captain Jack’s garden products for this project, studying how they carefully straddled masculine/feminine, traditional/new, and no-nonsense/fun themes to create a look that would appeal to many different demographics – an everyman (or everywoman)’s product.